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As for activities and entertainment, either indoor or outdoor:

Performance Arts: (Authentic and Traditional from neighboring Villages)

  • Full performance leather puppet by adult (Pentas Wayang Pakelikan Padat Dalang Dewasa), duration approximately 3 hours, every 3rd. week Saturday. start 20.00 to end.
    Dhalang performance Schedule:
    1. Dhalang performance from Kendal (Bp. Kunarto)
    2. Dhalang performance from Cilacap (Bp. Untung Widodo SH)
    3. Dhalang performance from Kebumen (Bp.Wuryanto)
    4. Women Dhalang performance from dari Bupati Tegal

  • Stories for Children (Dongeng Untuk Anak), every 3rd. week Saturday. start 10.00 to end.

  • Festival Puppet Performer for Children (Lomba Dalang Bocah), every Monday.

  • Dalang Around Borobudur Area Workshop (Pembinaan Dalang Borobudur dan Sekitarnya), every Monday.

  • Festival And Prayer Sholawatan (Pengajian dan Pentas Sholawatan), every 1st. tuesday in a month.

    Jathilan Dance IDR. 1,500,000,- / 2 hours

    Coke'an IDR. 750,000,- / 2 hours

    Siteran IDR. 500,000,- / 2 hours

    Keroncong IDR. 2,000,000,- / 2 hours

    Electone IDR. 1,500,000,- / 3 hours

Outdoor Activities:

  • White-water rafting and cliff-climbing mountain-hiking and biking, trekking, and other vigorous activities

  • Sunrise Package;

  • Bicycle Tour Packages:

  • Short Trip for 2 hours,

  • Cross Country for 3 hours,

  • Real Adventure for 5 hours,

  • [new] Api Unggun IDR. 250,000 per set;

  • [new] Out-bond Area IDR. 500,000 per area;

  • Exotic Moon Light;

  • Traditional Horse Car Tours;

  • Elephant Safari;

  • we also have wayang/puppet museum from all over the world and the only one that exist in indonesia and world......
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